How Much Money Do You Need To Get Out Of Jail?

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How Much Money Do You Need To Get Out Of Jail?

Money is something you need to pay for things you buy and to cover your bills, and it is also the thing you will need if you are trapped behind bars after an arrest. An arrest lands you in jail, with only one way out typically, which is through bail bonds. If you are in this position or ever end up in this position, you will probably wonder how much money you will need to get out of jail. The truth is that the answer to this is always different. There are factors that will affect the amount you need, and here are some of the main ones.

The Amount Your Local Court Places on Your Arrest

If you know people who were in jail at one point, you might remember that their bail amounts were very different. This is because courts set bail amounts on many things, such as the current charges a person is facing and the person's criminal history and record. Courts use a schedule as well, but they also factor in many other things before setting a price for bail. If you have a clean and clear criminal history and are facing a minor crime, your bail probably will not be extremely costly, but it could still be more than you can afford to pay.

The Bail Bond Fee

For anyone who is in jail and cannot afford the bail amount, there is an alternative option to pursue. This alternative option is very common, and it is the option that offers a more affordable way out. To use this option, you call a bail bondsman to bail you out. The bail bondsman pays your bail, while you pay only a fee. The fee varies but is always based on the bail amount in the case.

The Ability to Use Collateral

You can also get by without putting any money down for the fee if you are able to come up with collateral. This is a way out of jail that will not cost a penny upfront, but you will have to repay the fee after your release.

As you can see, the amount of cash you will need to come up with greatly depend on all these things. If you find yourself in a position where you cannot afford the bail without help, just call a bail bondsman to find out more about the fee you can pay or collateral you could use instead. This is the fastest way out and the option that allows you a way out without paying a lot out of pocket.

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